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Wide oak2877 mol gekuckt ginn%196 %17, %2024 am30 %1:%Juni %+02:00
The Dock MOVIE Download (High Quality, 20 MB)5039 mol gekuckt ginn%196 %17, %2024 am30 %1:%Juni %+02:00
Golden Duck legend #22652 mol gekuckt ginnLutek finds the Golden Duck in the cellars beneath the Ostrogski Castle. The room turns into a cavern only on Midsummer Night.%196 %17, %2024 am30 %1:%Juni %+02:00
Canadian Naitivity Scene4514 mol gekuckt ginnIf you're wondering what the 3 wise men brought: maple syrup, hockey puck and Canadian dollars.%196 %17, %2024 am30 %1:%Juni %+02:00

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VariousDifferent projects, featuring 3D as well as 2D computer graphics. Also some traditional pencil drawings.
13 55
TerminatorTerminator fan art. Starring T-800 and AHK 3D models, both available for download.
15 104
FractalsFractal objects generated with Turtle3D - an application developed as part of my master thesis. Rendered in 3D Studio Max.
4 76
High school drawings archiveThis is a public archive of pencil drawings I made in high school (yes, in the classrooms and no, it wasn't a school of art). If you like pencil sketches, fantasy and sci-fi characters and creatures, then you should find this category entertaining, otherwise it's safe to ignore.
3 105
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MOVIE: Disappointed Devil6 stages, from draft to final image.55555
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Oak #155555
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SzczurąbIf a pigeon is a rat with wings, is a rat a pigeon on 4 legs?55555
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