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Shall we dance?

In later stages of the T-800 infiltrators program, Skynet realized that the endoskeletons lack certain grace of movements which humans poses. The infiltrators looked human (suspiciously well fed, though), but their stiff hips and overall heaviness gave them away. To remedy this problem, Skynet added dance classes to T-800's training routine. As a result, a new series was introduced, with improved motoric functions and a chassis made from lighter alloy, finally capable of elegant motion. Tango proved to be the most efficient dance for proprioception system calibration, hence the series name: Tango-800.

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Terminator: Easter


Terminators have inhuman strength, but they can be pretty delicate if need be. To calibrate high resolution touch sensors, each newly assembled unit needs to paint an Easter egg. Those T-800s which are not able to complete this task without breaking the egg are rejected by quality assurance.

2012/4/7: This is mostly a pencil drawing, with a few improvements done in Photoshop. I spent less time on this project than I usually do, i.e. I didn't get too far away from the draft state... but at least I managed to publish before the occasion (Easter), which is also unusual :)

2013/5/18: A painted Terminator: Easter card. Published 6 weeks too late, but one could also say ~46 weeks in advance ;)

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Terminator: Me


Terminator effect photo manipulation. Every terminator fan needs to have one, so here it is. The inspiration was the source photo itself, I already look like a terminator (well, as close to it as I ever will).

I used my T-800 model to render the endoskeleton parts, composition and painting was done in Photoshop. The biggest problem with a wound make-up effect is that there are little wound references on the internet. I couldn't find anything suitable and was forced to look for substitutions. Surprisingly, rust is very good for simulating burns, but other textures I used - plaster falling apart and old paint - are not ideal replacements for wounded flesh, resulting in artificiality here and there. Somewhere between rubber skin and tissue cultures, Skynet evaluated a plaster based camouflage for it's infiltrators ;)

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Terminator: Christmas Day


Infiltrating a resistance bunker ain't easy. The entrance is camouflaged, protected by magnetic minefields, fortified checkpoints, vigilant guards and trained dogs. However, observations proved that at one particular night humans will let in anyone (or anything) dressed in red robes, wearing elderly beard and carrying a big sack. Suckers! ;)

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Terminator: Head Hit


For best viewing experience, see it on youtube.

A 6 second clip where terminator gets hit with a plasma projectile in a head. The animation is lousy (only the head is moving, which looks pretty awkward), because it was supposed to be only a generic VFX test. I'm pretty pleased with the result, so I added sound and background and decided to publish it.

This is my first project in After Effects. Next one will be better, I promise ;)

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Terminator: Getting drunk


Me and Terminator drinking cheap polish wine in my kitchen.

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The Dock


A one minute long film, where Aerial Hunter Killer leaves it's underground dock. Sound special effects are from internet sound banks, music is taken from Terminator II.

It may not look like it, but it took me 5 months to finish it.

See it on youtube.

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Terminator: On guard


A short animation with terminator standing on guard in a foggy environment.

Before I started using Character Studio it was very hard to make him walk. So he just stands put and looks around ;)

See it on youtube.

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Terminator: Airlock


Terminator walks through an airlock in a futuristic corridor and starts shooting. Don't ask for a reason.

This is my first movie with sound.

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Aerial Hunter Killer


Aerial HK- Model A4 Type 400c Series 400, modeled as close to the original design as I could. Plays the main role in The Dock movie.

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Terminator: Balerina

After my terminator was connected to Character Studio biped skeleton, new possibilities opened - I could download any motion capture motion and make the model follow it.

Pink skirt was animated with Reactor.

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Ruined street

Ruined street in a post nuclear city. I had very ambitious plans - the street was supposed to be full of terminators and AHK's flying above, looking for resistance members in the ruins. I also wanted to use global illumination for the frist time.

Unfortunately such a movie has proven to be way to much, for me and for my computers. So you can only see some try-outs here.

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