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The Capilano Curse

A wooden frame in Capilano Park holds a terrible curse and so does this video clip! Watch it at your own discretion. After all, if you do get cursed, you can save yourself by simply showing it to someone else, or - to be on the safe side - a bunch of other people. They will have to do the same, until there is no one else to watch and this Ponzi scheme curse collapses.

This is the 2nd VFX composition I have ever made (see the 1st one). I think it turned out pretty well, considering that the base video clip was made spontaneously on site, without any particular purpose in mind. The actress did so well that I decided it's worth investing time in special effects and sound (I got some very cool horror ambiances from The most prominent weakness in my opinion are the shadows and light patches on the ground. I would much more prefer the lighting of the scene to match the evil ambiance, but that would require filming the character and surroundings separately. Perhaps next time.