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Rat Band

Amicia and Hugo discover the source of eerie music indicating that rats are nearby.



If a pigeon is a rat with wings, is a rat a pigeon on 4 legs?


Canadian Nativity Scene

If you're wondering what the 3 wise men brought: maple syrup, hockey puck and Canadian dollars.


Sikorka Mózgojadka

The Great Titmouse is known for it's murderous ways (see article in English or article in Polish). American Chickadee isn't, but who knows, maybe it's just better at covering it's tracks?



A rifter and an overgrown dragonfish run into each other in an oceanic rift area. Illustration to Peter Watts' novel Starfish.



Shall we dance?

In later stages of the T-800 infiltrators program, Skynet realized that the endoskeletons lack certain grace of movements which humans poses. The infiltrators looked human (suspiciously well fed, though), but their stiff hips and overall heaviness gave them away. To remedy this problem, Skynet added dance classes to T-800's training routine. As a result, a new series was introduced, with improved motoric functions and a chassis made from lighter alloy, finally capable of elegant motion. Tango proved to be the most efficient dance for proprioception system calibration, hence the series name: Tango-800.


AvP Easter Card

Predators back home, preparing for Easter.



Striga from Andrzej Sapkowski's story 'The Witcher'. I tried to follow Sapkowski's description to the letter. Striga also appears in a video game of the same title, but I'd don't like it's design - looks more like a mutated gorilla.


Canadian Naitivity Scene

A traditional pencil drawing on a real sheet of paper, something I haven't done for years :)

If you're wondering what the 3 wise men brought: maple syrup, hockey puck and Canadian dollars.


Terminator: Easter 2

A painted Terminator: Easter card. Published 6 weeks too late, but one could also say ~46 weeks in advance ;) Used last year's Easter drawing as a base.


Angry Christmas!

Angry Birds Christmas card. As usual, published long after the event it was prepared for.


The Great Horned Cat

Some people prefer cats, others like birds more. This is usually ok, except for couples living under one roof. Having both can be problematic (cats and people love birds for different reasons), having none is no fun. Fortunately, a balanced compromise exists. Introducing The Great Horned Cat (po polsku Kociatka) - half cat, half owl, wholly awesome!


The Capilano Curse

A wooden frame in Capilano Park holds a terrible curse and so does this video clip! Watch it at your own discretion. After all, if you do get cursed, you can save yourself by simply showing it to someone else, or - to be on the safe side - a bunch of other people. They will have to do the same, until there is no one else to watch and this Ponzi scheme curse collapses.


Terminator: Easter

Terminators have inhuman strength, but they can be pretty delicate if need be. To calibrate high resolution touch sensors, each newly assembled unit needs to paint an Easter egg. Those T-800s which are not able to complete this task without breaking the egg are rejected by quality assurance.

This is mostly a pencil drawing, with a few improvements done in Photoshop. I spent less time on this project than I usually do, i.e. I didn't get too far away from the draft state... but at least I managed to publish before the occasion (Easter), which is also unusual :)


Terminator: Me

Terminator effect photo manipulation. Every terminator fan needs to have one, so here it is. The inspiration was the source photo itself, I already look like a terminator (well, as close to it as I ever will).

I used my T-800 model to render the endoskeleton parts, composition and painting was done in Photoshop. The biggest problem with a wound make-up effect is that there are little wound references on the internet. I couldn't find anything suitable and was forced to look for substitutions. Surprisingly, rust is very good for simulating burns, but other textures I used - plaster falling apart and old paint - are not ideal replacements for wounded flesh, resulting in artificiality here and there. Somewhere between rubber skin and tissue cultures, Skynet evaluated a plaster based camouflage for it's infiltrators ;)



Polish language only.

Wiedźmin trafia do Małej Mieściny, gdzie przyjmuje zlecenie na fizycę. Narysowałem ten komiks bardzo dawno temu (próba węglowa wskazuje na późne liceum), ale wciąż mi się podoba. Dość przyzwoicie narysowany i - co u mnie wcale nie takie częste - ma scenariusz! ;)


Golden Duck

Illustrations for 'Złota Kaczka' (Golden Duck), one of Warsaw's legends, according to Artur Oppman's version. Painted with a tablet in Black & White.

The illustrations were prepared for classes for children, who are supposed to arrange them in a chronological order after listening to the legend. But don't worry, I published them in a correct order already ;)


Terminator 3D model v3.1

With over 19 000 downloads so far, the free Terminator 3D model is certainly the most popular item on this site. This is a small maintenance release featuring some new detail around the skull and eye animation fix. Don't forget to report if something is not working - I may find the time to fix it :)


Philip Marlowe in The Healthy Lifestyle

A short noir comic parody featuring detective Marlowe – a wisecracking, hard drinking, tough private eye adored by women. I was planning to make a full sized album and painted this to prepare, to find out if I can make it looking noir and how much time will it take. I like the result, but I also realized I won't find the time and courage necessary to do the whole thing. At least not until I retire ;)

The joke is very hermetic and I expect very few people being able to understand it completely, many may find it strange and/or not funny. Everyone can appreciate the pictures though :)


Terminator: Christmas Day

Infiltrating a resistance bunker ain't easy. The entrance is camouflaged, protected by magnetic minefields, fortified checkpoints, vigilant guards and trained dogs. However, observations proved that at one particular night humans will let in anyone (or anything) dressed in red robes, wearing elderly beard and carrying a big sack.

Merry Christmas!


High school drawings archive

I decided to publish an archive of pencil drawings I made in high school (yes, in the classrooms and no, it wasn't a school of art – just usual boring kind of school). It's full of dragons, goblins, undead, knighs, robots, aliens and other things you draw when you are a teenager, with an exception of cars and naked women. If you like pencil sketches, fantasy and sci-fi characters and creatures, then you should find this category entertaining, otherwise it might be better to ignore.

There are 2 albums: one with standalone drawings, the other with comics. Be warned though - the comics were drawn spontaneously, without any script or plan, so don't have too high expectations. Just enjoy :)


Terminator: Head Hit

A 6 second clip where Terminator gets hit with a plasma projectile in the head. The animation is lousy (only the head is moving, which looks pretty awkward), because it was supposed to be only a generic VFX test. I'm pretty pleased with the result, so I added some background and sound and decided to publish it.

This is my first project in After Effects. Next one will be better, I promise ;)

Check out more content in the Terminator: Head Hit album.


T-800 Skull Modified

A modified T-800 skull for my T-800 Endoskeleton model. It has additional detail and a few modifications, making it suitable for close up shots and CPU manipulation animations (the CPU port has a removable cover). It wasn't made by me, I host it thanks to courtesy of Don Jones.

If anyone out there did work on any of my 'opensource' models, please share them for the benefit of all 3d artists and terminator fans :) If you can't host them, I can do it for you.



In addition to public comments in the gallery, I decided to add a guestbook. Please leave public comments, suggestions and compliments (criticism, in reasonable degree, is welcome too ;).


The Vitruvian Dragonfly

This is a logo made for a kayak group called 'Dragonflies'. It's not my design and I don't exactly get the symbolism. My understanding doesn't go beyond a dragonfly holding a paddle :)

There is a slight chance it's going to be actually used.


Disappointed Devil

After reading numerous tutorials and many failed attempts I've finally finished my first painting ever. I'm not particularly happy with the lighting and effects, but it's the first time computer doesn't calculate those for me :).

Also see an animation showing different painting stages - it's cooler than the final picture itself.


Turtle3D - fractal generator

A Java3D application developed for my master thesis. It allows to generate 3D fractals defined with formal grammars (L-Systems or Language-restricted IFS) using turtle graphics. OpenGL/DirectX visualization is available for preview. Generated objects can be exported and used in popular 3D packages (3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender, etc.).

Turtle3D is suitable for making trees and plants, you can also create classic fractal shapes (like Sierpinski Pyramid) and other abstract fractal structures. See the gallery.

This project is available under GNU General Public License v2.0.



Ghol drawing made in GIMP. Inspired by Myth The Fallen Lords game.


Black Panther

My album of tattoos that haven't been tattooed is growing. People change their minds when the drawing is ready. I can't blame them, I wouldn't tattoo on myslef any of those things either :)

Other drawings


RSS Feed

RSS feed added to the news page. Keep track of all those great things I post here once in a while ;)


Fractal catagory in gallery

Album category for 3d fractals. New fractal plants and some other objects.


Apple Trees

Apple trees added to Fractal Trees album.


Fractal Trees

L-System fractal trees for my master's thesis. Right now only oaks, but more will come ;)

The geometry was made with Turtle3D, a 3d fractal application I'm developing for my graduation work. Rendering done in 3d Studio Max.


Chain Daemon

A serie of pictures made from an interesting, accidentally generated 3d fractal shape. To me it looks like a strange creature made of>
The geometry was made with Turtle3D, a 3d fractal application I'm developing for my graduation work. Rendering done in 3d Studio Max.


News section

Webpage is reogranized, news section added. I'm very happy with the number of visits I get, but looking at the logs I came to a conclusion that some cool stuff is often ignored. I hope it's just not advertised well enough :)


Starship 3D model

Free 3dsmax model of a huge, interstellar starship. No textures, all details are 3 dimentional (consists of 3643 objects).

See it in the gallery


Beholder 3D model

Free 3dsmax model of Beholder, inspired by Doom's Cacodemon. Comes textured and with some facial animation. Skin bumps and details done with normal maps.

See it in the gallery


Terminator: Getting Drunk

A photomanipulation where me and T-800 drink wine. 4 pictures, the best one is I think terminator laying drunk on the table.


AHK 3D model

Aerial Hunter Killer model, as seen in 'Terminator 2'. Ready for animation. It has animatable landing gear, searchlights, gun and engines.

See it in the gallery


Terminator 3D model

A complete high resolution T-800 endoskeleton model for 3D Studio Max 7 (also mesh in wavefront file format). Rigged and ready for animation. Consists of 683117 faces in 867 objects. Comes with simple fatigued metal material. It's free.

Terminator gallery

All my terminator releated projects can be found here (10 albums so far).

The Game

A multiplayer RPG game, with simple but nice bitmap graphics, where players can walk around a map, pick up items, open doors, switch switches and fight with each other. Fights are solved with an unique RPG system of my design (SYSTEM®).


The Dock Movie

A one minute long film that took months to make. Aerial Hunter Killer boots up and leaves it's underground dock for a mission.

Best animation I've made. It's got a fan project page on Terminator Files.


Terminator: On Guard

A short animation with terminator standing on guard in a foggy environment. An early try-out.


Home page online

This is a page about 3D graphics and Java programming. It's supposed to be my portfolio.